‘Brown’ people not to blame for problems with Temporary Foreign Worker Program: NDP MP Sims

Jinny Sims
Jinny Sims

RECENT comments by a Conservative MP regarding the Temporary Foreign Worker Program show the lack of respect Conservatives have towards workers and highlights just how much they have mismanaged the program, says the federal NDP.

“The Conservatives need to stop blaming Canadians and temporary foreign workers for a program that they are responsible for mishandling,” said NDP Employment and Social Development Critic Jinny Sims. “The problem is not ‘brown’ people but rather the abuses we’ve seen of the program that drive down wages.”

These offensive comments come on the heels of the Conservatives fear-mongering and playing divisive politics.

“The Liberals created the deeply flawed program and the Conservatives have only made things worse,” added Sims. “New Democrats have a plan to fix the problems and it starts with having the Auditor General fully investigate the program.”


Video of Sim’s question in Question Period: