Testament of Youth (PG) ****

Testament of Youth

War Bride!

Affairs of the heart can be vexing. War time hell wrecks havoc on a young impressionable lass in Testament of Youth. Quality performances highlight this emotional struggle from Sony Pictures Classics now enthralling audiences at the Fifth Avenue Cinema.

Set during 1917 during the run-up to World War 1 Testament of Youth revolves around the tumultuous life of Vera Brittain. Headstrong though confused Swedish actress Alicia Vikander shines as a girl not used to men who grows up in a hurry. Suitors come and go at the family manor in the English countryside presided over by a route doting dad and domineering mom.

Above all else our not so poor girl dreams of going to university. Wishes sometimes come true as does love. Unfortunately the “small” matter of a world war gets in The way of our girl’s desires and dreams.

Many movies have been made about conflicts. Director James Kent makes a Dazzling feature film debut. Dreamy shots of the English countryside contrast sharply with the battlefields. Horrors of conflict hit close to home as does the jarring scenes of the wounded.

Many believe that the English make he best actors. Testament of Youth showcases some top quality performances with Ms. Vikander quite worthy of an Oscar nomination. Other standouts here include Kit Harrington and Taron Egerton as men in Vera’s life.

Though a bit long at 129 minutes Testament of Youth is a solemn effort depicting personal relationships during a troubled time.