Lethbridge, Alberta video that got Kelly Pocha of Cranbrook, B.C. fired from her job

Every culture and every human being should be respected it does not matter what color you are where you came from please share this video thank you

Posted by Prince Pashtun on Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Message posted on Cranbrook’s Dodge Chrysler site: 

We have recently become aware of a disturbing video that involves one of our employees. We are deeply concerned about the content of this video and want all of our friends, families, colleagues, and customers to know that this behaviour does not reflect the values of Cranbrook Dodge in any way. We strive to be a welcoming and inclusive company with no room for hate or intolerance.

The employee in question has been terminated and we deeply apologize for her actions.

Sincerely, Dave Girling and the Cranbrook Dodge Team


  1. She should be fired fired somebody like that should never be allowed to deal with the public narrow-minded and uneducated. Canadians makeup a population of different races and cultures. if you come here and you work hard and you pay taxes you’re Canadian. I welcome anybody who wants to come and live here and contribute to our society and pay their share does it matter what country they’re from

  2. Wow..
    This footage is scary and demoralizing!
    There is no excuse for her rampage!
    Although she apologized I hope she understands the potentially embarrassing fallout for her children and family members.

    • I doubt she would have apologized if she had received support from social media. She’s likely only apologizing because everyone told her what an idiot she was….drunk or sober. Being drunk didn’t make her racist, being drunk took away the few inhibitions she had to show her true colors.

  3. Sorry to see and hear this. Was alcohol involved? I hope that is the reason for the garbage she is saying. She blames publicity for it all getting out of hand. Private or Public, this is still racism and if it had not gone public she would continue with her outlandish behavior. Time to learn some “Canadian” values dear.

    • alcohol is no excuse – the drunk man speaks the sober man’s thoughts. this is 100% how she truly feels. racist piece of c–p.

    • What does it matter if alcohol was involved? Drunk words are sober thoughts. She’s not sorry she did it, only that it was caught on video.

  4. To quote the great Ron White: You can’t fix stupid. Cranbrook is a pretty small community. Unless the KKK boutique is hiring I am going to posit that Kelly Pocha will have to move.

    • I think she has really learned her lesson!
      Now we should forgive her and give her a second chance.
      I am livid and disgusted at such behaviour and have written any number of editorials against it since the 1990s; but when she sincerely apologizes, we should be big enough to forgive.

      • What makes you think that her apology was sincere? From what I saw, she admitted that what she said was racist and that she was having an “off” day. Unless you saw something different, I’d say that’s not even close to being an apology. My guess is that she was showing her true colours, this was not an “off” day, and the only thing she’s sorry for is that this blew up in her face and she lost her job.

      • Forgive her??? He’ll no, she is a racist!!! Racism is hate. Have you seen what she put up on her Facebook wall? She posted “I’m all for a white Canada. Who’s with me?” She is a hate monger and should not be forgiven.

      • I feel for the fact she claims she was drunk and might normally have stifled her racism, but all I saw was her pulling a bunch of excuses to explain away her behaviour. A true apology owns up fully to her behaviour without deflecting blame on an off day, on alcohol, or on what allegedly happened prior to the recording starting. She says they were speaking their language and laughing at her, but if she doesn’t speak their language how would she know?
        And also, as stated earlier the drunk man speaks the sober mans thoughts. Sounds to me like she needs to do some soul searching and make peace with all of the hate in her life. She’s projecting her own issues onto other cultures in the most beautifully multicultural country in the world.

      • Her “apology” wasn’t sincere … you dont go from that (what was captured on video) to being able to produce a genuine apology … She’s simply sorry she got caught and for all that entails …she’s not sorry for anything else …she’s definitely not sorry for being a racist

  5. Once a racist always a racist. She had to apologize to stop the backlash. We all know deep down inside she is full of hate.Getting fired from her job is only going to fuel her hate even more.

    • But she hasn’t sincerely apologized! In a F.b. post she once again rants & rails against the men she threatened at Dennys, and immigrants in general. Broad needs to be charged federally with a ‘Hate Crime’.

  6. I think Denny’s who asked the victims to pack their food and go should be banned by all in Alberta

  7. Im sure many would agree that alcohol usually allows us to say what we would normally not.
    My point being simply that her drinking is no excuse for ignorance.
    We may not all agree with the federal government’s imagration policies, BUT that in no way gives us the right to be so blatantly ignorant.
    I am glad she has lost her job, maybe now she will get off her high horse and realize that jyst because people are speaking in a different language, does not mean they are speaking about her.

  8. Why is this lady so proud of being Canadian. What is it that makes Canada so superior to other nations that she can insult them. This happens more often than we think, especially in smaller towns.

  9. I and my parents were born in Canada and my parents parents were born in Canada.
    We are proud Canadian and we want Kelly Pocha to leave Canada.

  10. I will not eat at Denny’s anymore because they asked them to leave for doing nothing wrong

  11. Dave Girling did the right thing at Cranbrook Dodge.
    Deenny’s…..not so much. They need to make amends with the victims of this skin crawling incident.

  12. Cranbrook Dodge did the right thing. She deserves to be fired by her employer. All companies should stand up against racism. The First Nations are the true Canadians. The management at Denny’s have a part on this embarrassing rampage.

  13. Ignorant rant by an obviously very ignorant woman. Kelly Pocha you are a disgrace to women everywhere and Canadians as s whole.

  14. A camera is the most powerful weapon we have. Once it starts rolling, it becomes clear quickly who is the instigator is. I’m sure Omerzai pays more in taxes than her salary is. Give it a few days and she has a good chance of being charged with uttering a threat to cause bodily harm. It’s right there in the Criminal Code 264.1. The video is all the evidence they need. I’d like to see her drunk excuse hold up in court.

  15. What an embarrassment to the average Canadian. Even in her apology she tries to deflect the blame. She’s sorry alright, sorry she got outed for the pos she is. Shame on you Kelly Pocha.

  16. I feel that she acted out the way that she feels & THAT my friend”s is “FREEDOM OF SPEECH”
    I say “give her her job back”
    S ….

    • Freedom of Speech allows you to say what you want, when you want. But it doesn’t mean that you are not liable to the consequences of said speech. That should be common sense. Particularly when you represent a company, what you say reflects on them. Having someone work for me that might be a holocaust denier, a bigot, a racist, etc and was actively spewing that sentiment either on social media or in public would not be acceptable. It’s a fireable offense, regardless of being able to say whatever you want whenever you want. That’s what Freedom of Speech is, and she will and should feel the full consequence of what she did.

  17. In no way am I excusing her behaviour, but in all these “viral” type videos we only ever see one side. We have no indication as to what lead up to the exchange between these parties, and as what usually happens in such cases, one party provokes and pushes the others buttons, and then all of a sudden whips out a cell phone and feigns innocence.
    Then it hits the internet and everyone up to and including the Premier, rides in on their high horse, virtue signalling about whatever happened, “not representing our values”.
    The restaurant in question must have had a reason for ejecting BOTH parties and not just one.
    So from now on to avoid getting fired, if someone in public is provoking you and getting under your skin, #1 Stay calm and #2 start recording them before they start recording you. And lastly if you hold any racist views, its best to keep them to yourself.

    • It doesn’t matter what transpired before they started recording. We can’t choose what happens to us but we can choose how we react. She could have chosen better words. She could have attacked him as a person rather than his race/culture as a whole. She could have asked to sit at another table. She could have left. Lots of choices but she decided to be racist.

    • the dude: someone else recorded the incident and captured extra footage where she also went off on the Denny’s server. She is racist so don’t make excuses for her. She initially claimed she didn’t like being stared at, then they made comments in their language and laughed – to her credit, I wouldn’t want to look at her ugly mug either. Now she’s changed her excuse to them making racial and obscene comments about her… how did she suddenly learn “their language” to know what they said is racist and obscene? The problem is liars can’t keep their lies straight and change the story all the time without thinking, but obviously thinking isn’t a strong point for her…

  18. SO happy to see that she has been terminated by her employer-kudos to the car dealership! Feel for her children-hope they have not been too traumatized by her actions.n

  19. I’d be curious to hear on what grounds she was fired. Unless her former employer had a contract with her that stated she could be fired for off-site behavior during non working hours they may not like what she did but they had 0 grounds to fire her if her performance at work had no issues. Being racist is not grounds for losing ones job just like being Christian or a Communist or whatever is not. Did I miss the part where she has been criminally charged and convicted? Like her or not this is not something you can be fired over unless you had already agreed to stipulations as a condition of your employment.

    • welcome to the digital age. Whether you are at work, out at a nice restaurant or Denny’s, for that matter. You are a representative of your employer. When you act in an manner that is detrimental to your employers image, you will be linked to them and suffer the consequences. I bet she listed her Employment on her Facebook account as well. she is so smrt!…..d’ohhhhhh

  20. A woman drunk at a family restaurant? Didn’t know Denny’s served alcohol. Even if she is drunk it went there drunk, she knew 100% what she was saying. What a poor excuse for what she said. Always blame it on the alcohol. That racist should be charged. I feel sorry for her kids. What a horrible role model:( We are trying to teach our kids to love not hate. She is a RACIST BULLY!!!!

  21. Very disturbing video on all levels; spiritually, emotionally and physically! I am surprised that other guests in the restaurant said little to end her ranting. A united front would have stopped her in her tracks. Sad for the gentlemen and reflects poorly on one person who used her country to reflect her views!

  22. 1st car fire her is for their own protection too
    Cuz No1 will go there n buy cars if they didn’t
    2nd they will get PR from this

  23. No matter what happened. What she said is wrong. And I feel like she’s only apologizing because she’s embarassed and got caught. What a sad excuse for a woman.

  24. Not right what she said, but should not of been fired…that is not right with out full investigation. Would you want to work for that dealer.

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