Thieves climb scaffolding to break into apartments

TWO North Vancouver apartments were broken into over the last several weeks. Access to them was via construction scaffolding set up outside of the respective buildings.

North Vancouver RCMP are investigating these two incidents where residents reported someone had broken into their second and third floor apartments through open patio doors and had stolen personal items. In both cases wallets and purses were taken.

“These are crimes of opportunity, with residents leaving their patio doors open – allowing easy access for criminals to enter their property,” said Cpl. Richard De Jong. “If scaffolding is set up around your building be extra vigilant and secure your doors and windows properly.”

During the warm summer months residents tend to leave their patio doors and windows open. There are proper ways to secure them and still have them remain open for air movement, said De Jong.

All residents are encouraged to report suspicious persons and incidents by calling the North Vancouver RCMP at 604-985-1311.

For tips on how to secure your property and belongings go to BC.RCMP.CA.