So what did you think of Thursday’s party leaders’ debate?

John Horgan

AFTER Thursday’s radio debate, people are hailing BC NDP Leader John Horgan for speaking out passionately for the people who have been hurt by Premier Christy Clark and her BC Liberal government for 16 years, noted the NDP on Friday as the party quoted mainstream media.


About John Horgan:


“For a lot of people who are angry at Christy Clark, he stood up for them.”

– Rob Shaw, Vancouver Sun


“If you’re mad at the government, if you think 16 years is enough, if you think it’s time for a change and you looked at that debate, I think you’re very much going to go: John Horgan, there he is right there in front of you. If you want to get rid of Christy Clark, that’s the guy you go for.”

– Vaughn Palmer, Vancouver Sun


“Every time she started bragging about the B.C. economy… Horgan rhymed off the Liberal increases in Hydro rates, ICBC premiums, tuition fees and ferry fares. … “It may be like that in the first-class lounge, Ms. Clark, but in the rest of the world people are struggling,” he said.”

– Mike Smyth, The Province


Premier Christy Clark

About Christy Clark:


“She seemed to be struggling to get her message out. I was struck by how often she had to consult the hefty briefing book in front of her. Even with that backup, her answers were weak on issues like the health firings.”

– Vaughn Palmer, Vancouver Sun


“The stale and hackneyed Liberal platform … contains almost no new promises [and] has forced her to try to fight back using the tired, Liberal strategy of drumming up fear… “It’s April, 2017,” Horgan said at one point, shutting down the attack. “What are you going to do for people today?””

– Nancy Macdonald, Macleans


“Christy Clark I think has to be a little better prepared than she was today. She seemed to wing it with a number of answers.”

– Keith Baldrey


“She did not seem as prepared…  It was a bit flabbergasting to see her reading from notes at points during the debate.”

– Gary Mason, Globe and Mail


Andrew Weaver

About Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver:


“Andrew Weaver was largely on the sidelines.”

– Ian Bailey, The Globe and Mail


“Weaver made a big mistake by taking such a backseat role… I think the low-key approach he took means he didn’t get the attention he could have.”

– Vaughn Palmer, Vancouver Sun


“On the strength of Thursday’s performances by the respective leaders,  I expect most voters who want to get rid of Clark would see Horgan as the stronger bet to accomplish the goal.”

– Vaughn Palmer, Vancouver Sun