Township of Langley makes considerable effort toward ensuring sustainability of drinking water system

A performance audit of the Township of Langley’s management of its drinking water system found that the township had made considerable effort toward ensuring its sustainability and met most of the expectations set out in the audit objectives, said Gordon Ruth, Auditor General for Local Government (AGLG), on Wednesday.

“Providing safe drinking water is important to every community, so I hope this report is also of value to many local governments across the province in the work that they do,” said Ruth. “I was pleased to see that the Township of Langley had gained a sophisticated level of understanding of its groundwater resources and incorporated this knowledge into its strategic planning and decision making.”

The audit focused on whether the Township of Langley had an adequate governance structure to support the provision of clean and safe drinking water, managed its supplies to meet current and future demand and ensured the safety and reliability of its drinking water.

The audit also looked at asset management and managing the construction and implementation of the township’s drinking water supply infrastructure. These additional areas will be covered in a subsequent complementary report.

“I hope the township will carefully consider the opportunities we have identified where improvements could help ensure the success of its drinking water planning and management into the future,” Ruth said.

The AGLG’s comprehensive report describes the complexity of managing drinking water delivery in British Columbia, focusing on how the township operated its own system during the period covered by the audit, from source to tap. A performance audit represents a snapshot in time.

The report’s 12 recommendations include seven relating to the township’s integrated water planning and management. Two recommendations focus on the township’s conduct policies, internal communication and engagement, one deals with emergency response and business continuity planning, one with water conservation and demand management and one covers drinking water treatment and quality management.

This is the AGLG’s third report on the topic Local Government’s Role in Ensuring Clean Drinking Water. The office released earlier reports on drinking water management by the Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen and the City of Kelowna.

The Township of Langley’s performance audit report is available on the AGLG’s website: