Track maintenance to reduce Expo Line service in Surrey from June 3-July 18

Photo by Chandra Bodalia

Surrey customers should plan for at least 20 minutes of extra travel time 


SKYTRAIN service on a portion of the Expo Line in Surrey will be temporarily reduced for six weeks while essential track maintenance takes place to ensure that the system remains reliable, TransLink announced on Wednesday.

From June 3 to July 18, two track switches are being replaced for the first time since they were installed over 30 years ago. Track switches are essential components which allow trains to be rerouted to different tracks.

During this maintenance work, trains will only be able to travel on one side of the tracks between Scott Road and King George stations, which will slow service and reduce the number of trains which can travel through the area.

Surrey customers are encouraged to use Scott Road Station, when possible, as it will have the most frequent SkyTrain service in the area.

* Customers travelling to and from Surrey should plan for at least 20 minutes of extra travel time and prepare for some crowding on trains and platforms during peak periods.
* Not all trains travelling toward Surrey will reach King George Station and some stations will have fewer trains serving customers:
* Some trains will terminate at Scott Road Station. (Station will operate with near-normal peak service, but some trains stopping are likely to reach maximum capacity.)
* Some trains will terminate at Gateway Station. (Station will operate with 66% of usual peak service.)
* Some trains will terminate at Surrey Central Station. (Station will operate with 50% of usual peak service.)
* Some trains will continue to King George Station as normal. (Station will operate with 33% of usual peak service.)
* Customers should observe station platform screens to ensure the train they are boarding will reach their destination.
* Additional SkyTrain staff will be on site to assist customers at impacted stations.
This track maintenance work does not affect Expo Line customers who are not travelling to or from Surrey. The Canada Line and Millennium Line will also be unaffected during this work.
The switches being replaced have helped carry more than five million trains since 1990.



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