TransLink to recommend endorsement of Surrey Langley SkyTrain project business case

TRANSLINK said on Monday that on Thursday, January 30 it will recommend to the Mayors’ Council on Regional Transportation that it endorse the Surrey Langley SkyTrain project business case and enable it to refer it to senior governments for approval.

It will also recommend that the Mayors’ Council endorse the Surrey Langley SkyTrain Supportive Policies Agreement.

With approval, Stage 1 of the project will be built to 166th Street in Fleetwood for $1.63 billion.

Completion of the project to Langley requires $1.5 billion and will be implemented when funding is secured.

In July 2019, following cost updates, technical work, and public engagement, the Mayors’ Council had directed TransLink to:

• Complete a Surrey Langley SkyTrain project business case

• Develop a staged construction plan, based on available funding.

The Surrey Langley SkyTrain project includes:

• Extension of the Expo Line from King George SkyTrain Station to Langley City Centre along Fraser Highway

• 16-kilometres of elevated guideway delivered in stages

– 8 stations

– 3 bus exchanges

– Park-and-Ride spaces

• 55 additional SkyTrain vehicles

• A new Operations and Maintenance Centre to service the full extension



  1. We need both the Newton Line and Fleetwood Line.
    Forget about Langleys only 2% use transit, compare to 10 to 15% in Surrey/W.R.

    • There is only 2% because the transit system in Langley and langley township is sooo poor. 1 bus an hour if you arnet right downtown Langley. It sense to get more people off the road. The entire transit system for this side of the river is disgraceful

  2. It’s doesn’t not make sense to build it to Langley specially stopping at fleetwood first. Langley need more bus service but the population doesn’t come even close to the Newton/Guildford line. Translink knows the numbers that’s why Newton was first but Surrey’s no it all mayor had to change it. He can kiss his city centre good by because Langley is already ahead by 50 years and when the get the train witch downtown would you rather live in. Not to mention that it should not cut Thru the park. It should go up 104th and then down to Fraser . That way they can get developers to pay for stations and sidewalks and those who pay have better things built. Can’t develop green timbers or can we?

  3. I know no one outside of Fleetwood cares, but this will destroy Fleetwood as a neighborhood and community with a big, ugly guideway running down the middle of it to serve the few people who will use it. It is of little use for getting people around Surrey unless you live close enough to walk to it and want to get to somewhere that is also close to the line. It’s really only for getting people to Vancouver. What a short-sighted, old way of thinking that people in Surrey just need to get to Vancouver. Why not develop a system for people living and working South of the Fraser River and promote business and make that the prority.

  4. “Surrey-Langley SkyTrain business case approved by Mayors’ Council”:

    Federal 2020-2021 Budget to be tabled in Parliament March-2020…

    Yet, at the January 30-2020 Translink Mayors’ Council mtg, bizarrely, MC members did not discuss this…

    Nor did they discuss or propose the MC making a pre-budget written submission to the fed govt requesting funding to make up the $1.5 Billion shortfall in funding that is required to pay for construction of the full ($3.1 Billion) 16 Km) Surrey- Langley Skytrain line project…

    At the January 30 mtg, the Mayors Council shd have passed motions directing:

    1) the MC chairperson to immediately write to the federal Minister of Infrastructure and Communities requesting that the fed govt commits $1.5 Billion to the Surrey- Langley Skytrain line project;

    2) Translink staff to expeditiously investigate and report back on the potential benefits of having the Surrey- Langley Skytrain line project- and all “South of Fraser” SkyTrain lines, and all (future) SOF Skytrain projects delivered and operated as a Public Private Partnership….

    – with a private sector consortium providing $1.5 Billion of the Surrey- Langley Skytrain line project’s $3.1 Billion design & construction costs…

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