Trudeau is manipulating elections to Liberals’ advantage: Conservatives

Stephanie Kusie

CONSERVATIVE Critic for Democratic Institutions Stephanie Kusie on Thursday slammed the Trudeau government’s decision to move time allocation on the Liberal election bill, stating: “Bill C-76 is a partisan bill designed to help the Liberals win re-election, a fact further evidenced by the Trudeau government today moving to rush this legislation through the House of Commons without proper debate.They are trying to get this legislation passed as soon as possible for it to take effect for the 2019 election.”

Kusie said: “This bill leaves Canadian elections wide open to foreign interference, which in the last election helped Liberals defeat their opponents in several key ridings. It also places arbitrary and unfair limits on what their opponents can spend before elections, while placing no restrictions on government activity. This further tilts the electoral playing field in the Liberals’ favour.

“Elections must be decided by Canadians in a transparent electoral system that is fair for all parties. But the Liberals are abusing their power to rig the system to their advantage.”

Kusie said: “Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives will continue to fight Liberal attempts to allow foreign entities to influence elections in their favour while kneecapping their opponents with anti-democratic rules and restrictions.”


  1. This U.N. Soros run LIEberal government must be out of office as soon as possible they are very un-Canadian and taking over our country, this globalist destructiion of our country must be stopped. This election is in my lifetime the most important, to keep Canada, Canadian, vote Conservative 2019 or hopefully sooner.

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