Trudeau-led government to invest in children and educators

A Liberal government will invest in our children by giving teachers and early childhood educators a new tax benefit for the school supplies they purchase to enhance our children’s learning, said Liberal Party Leader Justin Trudeau in Newmarket, Ontario, on Wednesday.

“As teachers and early childhood educators prepare their classrooms for the upcoming school year, we are reminded that our children need positive and enriching environments in order to learn and grow,” said Trudeau. “Yet our tax system doesn’t recognize the many out-of-pocket expenses that teachers and early childhood educators incur in order to set up their classrooms.”

Liberals will introduce a new Teacher and Early Childhood Educator School Supply Tax Benefit, accessible to all teachers and early childhood educators. This refundable tax benefit will be available regardless of income level, and will provide a cash benefit of up to $150 annually, on up to $1,000 in school supplies and educational materials. The list of allowable expenses will draw on best practices in Prince Edward Island, which has already implemented a provincial school supply tax benefit.

“I firmly believe that one of the greatest forms of public service is to teach our kids and help them to become engaged, successful citizens. Like our educators, Liberals are firmly committed to investing in our children,” said Trudeau. “In addition to our larger Canada Child Benefit and our tax cut for the middle class, this new tax benefit recognizes educators’ crucial role in our children’s development, and in shaping the future of our economy and our country.”