Trudeau Liberals cover up SNC affair: Conservatives

Jody Wilson-Raybould
Photo: Twitter

LISA Raitt, Deputy Leader of the Conservative Party and Opposition Critic for Justice, and Michael Cooper, Opposition Deputy Critic for Justice, on Wednesday accused the Liberals of a coverup in the SNC affair.

They said in a statement: “After Liberals at today’s Justice committee meeting blocked all attempts at accountability, it’s clear that [Prime Minister] Justin Trudeau’s coverup is underway.

“The Trudeau Liberals had an opportunity to be open and transparent on the SNC affair. Instead, Liberal MPs on the Justice Committee helped Justin Trudeau cover up the truth on what happened between the PMO and the former Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould.

“Opposition MPs worked together to come up with a reasonable witness list with three key individuals Canadians must hear from: Jody Wilson-Raybould, the Prime Minister’s Principal Secretary Gerald Butts, and his senior Quebec advisor Mathieu Bouchard. The Liberals defeated this motion.

“What is clear, is that the Liberals have no interest in finding the truth and are only interested in helping the Prime Minister cover this up.

“Today, the Liberals once again denied Ms. Wilson-Raybould the opportunity to speak. We urge Justin Trudeau to waive solicitor-client privilege in this case so Ms. Wilson-Raybould can tell Canadians what happened.

“Conservatives will now explore legal and law enforcement options to hold Justin Trudeau accountable for this coverup and get Canadians the answers they deserve.”


  1. If you have ever had a little kid LIE to you, and you know the little kid is LYING, but the little kid just keeps building on that lie,, thinking you’re going believe the LIE…….Then you know this … Justin Trudeau…..

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