United Truckers’ Association to receive truck parking plans from all Surrey and Delta mayoral candidates

A weekend membership meeting of the United Truckers’ Association (UTA) conducted over the weekend secured commitments from all major mayoral candidates running in the cities of Surrey and Delta.

Tom Gill, Bruce Hayne and  Doug McCallum from Surrey, and Sylvia Bishop, George Harvie and Jim Cessford from Delta, all had the opportunity to speak to UTA members directly regarding their vision to provide better parking accommodations in the city in which they are running.

Commitments made verbally are easily forgotten, however, and that is why the UTA has requested written plans from all candidates by October 16, according to UTA spokesperson Gagan Singh.

“We heard some fantastic promises, but it is important for our organization to receive a written plan so that we can hold those who are elected to account,” says Singh.  “We intend to make the response publicly available for everyone to read, which for our trucking community, should have a significant impact on the way your members cast their ballots.”

All candidates in attendance agreed to provide their policy proposals, and the UTA is following up on this commitment with an email that will be sent to all campaigns on Wednesday morning.

The UTA will be posting all plans on their Facebook page on October 17: https://www.facebook.com/unitedtruckers/