Vancouver City Council approves new grants to support Chinatown revitalization

VANCOUVER City Council on Tuesday approved four grants totalling $387,000 for community organizations as part of the City’s ongoing efforts to revitalize Chinatown.

The grant organizations will work in partnership with staff to pilot graffiti abatement and removal projects and community supports which are key commitments under the City’s Uplifting Chinatown Action Plan.

“Today’s approval of these grants is yet another step forward towards revitalizing Chinatown,” said Vancouver Mayor Ken Sim. “This builds on the work Council has already taken to support increased cleanliness, public safety, and vibrancy through the Uplifting Chinatown Action Plan. I’m confident that this work will ensure Chinatown thrives as a dynamic, inclusive space for generations to come.”

Grants funded by the City’s operating budget include:

* Chinatown BIA ($150,000) – Pilot Project: Graffiti Removal and Abatement Enhancement on Private Property;
* Chinatown BIA ($50,000) – Development and implementation of a Safewalk pilot program; and
* Chinese Community Policing Centre ($10,000) – Pilot Project: Expansion of Volunteer Graffiti Removal Program.
Grant funded by Provincial Great Beginnings funding:

* EMBERS Eastside Works ($177,000) – Continuation of the existing Chinatown Community Stewards Program in support of the Uplifting Chinatown Action Plan
The Uplifting Chinatown Action Plan was approved in January and since then work has been underway to provide Chinatown with enhanced cleaning and sanitation services, graffiti removal, beautification, and additional community supports.

Revitalization efforts also include a new flat rate of $2 per hour for parking meters throughout Chinatown. This pilot starts June 1.

In addition, a location for the City Hall Office in Chinatown has been identified at the City-owned Chinatown Plaza at 112 Keefer Street. Tenant improvements are underway, with completion and move-in targeted for end of June.

Read the Council report.


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