Vancouver masseuse Varfolomeev charged with sex assault

A Vancouver Police Department investigation has resulted in the arrest and charge of a Vancouver masseuse, following an alleged sex assault last week.

Vancouver Police detectives launched the investigation after a woman in her 30s reported to police that she had been sexually assaulted by a masseuse who came to her home in downtown Vancouver to provide treatment. Alexander Varfolomeev, 33, was identified as a suspect, and was arrested on August 20 for the alleged offence.

Investigators believe Varfolomeev was self-employed, and used an internet app called Soothe to book clients. He then visited them in their homes to provide service.

Varfolomeev was released on bail following his arrest on Tuesday with a court order prohibiting him from providing massage or physical therapy to the public.

The VPD encourages anyone who has been the victim of a crime, or who has information about a crime, to call police so an investigation can be completed.