Vancouver Mayor Stewart denounces recent acts of hatred in the City

VANCOUVER Mayor Kennedy Stewart, following several reports of racism and hateful acts in Vancouver, said in a statement on Wednesday :“In recent days, Vancouverites have yet again been reminded that hate and racism lurk in our city and that we all have a role to play in calling these actions out and standing up for diversity and inclusion.

“Racist vandalism at Musqueam village, anti-Semitic and white supremacist graffiti in Riverview Park, and verbal and physical assault against people of Asian ancestry are just the latest examples of a hateful minority doing real damage to residents targetted by these hurtful acts and our entire community’s fabric.

“I know the vast majority of Vancouver residents share my disgust at these acts, and I applaud those that are fighting back, like those who installed anti-racist messages on heart shaped cards at c̓əsnaʔəm village. These acts of love and compassion are exactly
the kind of response we need whenever we see acts of hate.

“I encourage everyone in our city to take any opportunity they can to also take a stand. In real life, and online. Push back against people who say hurtful things, and report offensive and hateful graffiti to the City through 3-1-1.

“For my part, I will be bringing up this issue in all of my upcoming outreach meetings with various sectors including large employers and leaders in the tourism and hospitality sectors and ask them for their support as well. I will also raise this issue with my fellow big-city mayors through the B.C Urban Mayors’ Caucus.

“As I’ve said many times. we cannot rest when it comes to dismantling systems of oppression and lifting up the lives and voices of those who have been marginalized. And we must always call out hate and racism, whenever and wherever we see it.”