Vancouver Mayor’s “Making HOME” motion paves way for new homeownership options for middle class

VANCOUVER City Council on Wednesday passed Mayor Kennedy Stewart’s “Making HOME: Housing for all of us” motion, paving the way for new homeownership options for Vancouver’s middle class across the city.

“To all the young people and hard working families who love Vancouver but are feeling pushed out, my message to you is this: Making HOME is about giving you hope, and giving you choice. It’s about giving you a future in our great city,” said Stewart.

“Making HOME is the single biggest shift in housing policy Vancouver has seen in a generation. It not only helps make homeownership a reality again for the middle-class, it also generates funds to build rental housing, fight homelessness, expand childcare, and tackle the climate emergency.”

With this vote, Council has asked staff to report back on a framework to implement these changes, including zoning updates and development guidelines.

Stewart noted that he was elected on a platform to expand housing affordability and choice in Vancouver. Vancouver has dramatically expanded rental approvals for working families, secured over a billion dollars in investment for homelessness action and below-market housing, and developed a framework to retain and expand co-op housing city-wide since Stewart became Mayor

“In order to tackle our housing crisis, we need to build homes for all of us. That means for people who want to buy, people who want to rent, and people who simply need to get off the street,” said Stewart.