City of Vancouver gears up for pothole repairs this spring

Fewer repairs anticipated this year thanks to a more mild winter

THE City of Vancouver is gearing up for the annual stretch of pothole repairs – a priority for road crews following the cold winter months.
“This year, we’re looking at a much lower number of pothole repairs than in 2017, thanks to a more mild winter,” says Ken Brown, Manager of Street Operations for the City. “We maintain 1,445 kilometers of roads and bridges in Vancouver, which we routinely monitor to identify areas that need repair. We also welcome the support we receive from residents in reporting potholes. This year, we anticipate to repair around 46,000 potholes throughout Vancouver.”
Repairing potholes is an affordable way to keep roads in safe condition until major repairs and repaving is required. The average cost to repair a pothole is between $12.50 and $13.50. The number of potholes fixed each year varies depending on the severity of the winter weather.
Volume of pothole repairs over last six years:
* 2017: 60,782 potholes / $720,271
* 2016: 34,121 potholes / $450,598
* 2014: 32,050 potholes / $367,694
* 2013: 27,199 potholes / $347,500
* 2012: 36,841 potholes / $491,901
* 2015: 33,432 potholes / $341,411
Potholes typically form on older road surfaces as a result of freezing and thawing weather. Overtime, water freezing and expanding in the pavement weakens it, causing cracking. The weight of vehicles passing over top can then break the material and displace it, leaving behind a hole.
The City prioritizes repairs for potholes located in high traffic areas, and those likely it is to cause damage or injury. The turnaround time for permanent repairs is less than 48 hours with crews available around the clock for emergencies. If an area is scheduled for other works, a temporary fix may be completed until planned work is done and the area is repaved.
Residents can quickly and easily report potholes using the City’s VanConnect app <>.

Submit a “Pothole Repair” request on VanConnect under “Streets and Sidewalks” option (learn how in this video <>).

Requests can also be submitted on the City’s website or through a tweet. The City will follow up and schedule repairs.
Learn more at <>.