Vancouver Punjabi Mela Takes Place On Sunday

Punjabi Mela

The organizers of the second annual Punjabi Mela, taking place on Sunday (August 11, 2013) at Walter Moberly Park at the corner of Ross Street and 61st Avenue in Vancouver, also dedicating the event to Gaddhrey Babey as well as to Indo-Canadian pioneers who came to this country and worked day and night to make the future of our generation brighter. And also to all the seniors who have built our communities.

The group had small Vancouver Punjabi Mela last year and this is their second in what they hope will grow bigger and better each year.

“With the community’s support, we have grown bigger and better than last years and we will try to make it better next year with our community’s help because it is a community event,” said Namtez Sohal, the event spokesperson and one of the organizers .

“This year lot people has come forward and helped us to make this a success full event. I will keep being a part of our VPM as long as I have the support of my friends and the community as a whole. We are inviting all the Communities to come and celebrate the Mela with us,” Sohal added “We would like to thank all the media who has helped us with the promotion of this event. ”

For more information please contact Namtez (Babbu) Sohal 604-725-8171