VCH welcomes children six months to four years to COVID-19 vaccine clinics

STARTING Tuesday, August 2, Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) is welcoming infants and children age six months to four years and their families, to dedicated COVID-19 vaccine clinics.

Eleven clinics will operate across VCH communities offering child-centred care tailored to the needs of individual children and their families.

Clinic staff are trained in the delivery of childhood COVID-19 immunizations, and are committed to making it a positive experience for families.

The majority of clinics have established separate quiet spaces for children with special needs such as autism, sensory processing, or needle phobia.

Older children from five years of age and above continue to be eligible for vaccination. Parents or guardians with several children will be accommodated for immunizations across VCH clinics.

With over 45,000 eligible children across the region in this age group, VCH strongly encourages parents and guardians to ensure their infant or child is registered in the provincial Get Vaccinated system.

Once appointments are available, they will receive a notification and can book a location, time and date for their appointment that is most convenient to them.

VCH notes that Health Canada rigorously reviewed efficacy and safety data to ensure the vaccine is safe, with a low risk of side effects before authorizing its use among this young age group.

Getting children vaccinated from COVID-19 provides a number of critical benefits. While children six months to four years are at a lower risk of severe outcomes from COVID-19 compared to older age groups, vaccination is expected to reduce their risk further.

To receive the best protection, children should receive two doses with at least eight weeks between the first and second dose.

COVID-19 vaccination information and resources, including guidance on how to prepare children for vaccination, can be found on the BCCDC website.

VCH advises anyone with questions regarding childhood COVID-19 vaccinations to speak to their family doctor, nurse practitioners, or to call 8-1-1 for healthcare guidance.

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