VPD issue public warning after two women attacked Both attacks happened in West Vancouver

Vancouver police are issuing a public warning after two women were reportedly attacked over the weekend.

Police say a 37-year-old was assaulted last Saturday at 1:30 a.m. near 6th Avenue and Moberley Street.

The second attack happened the following morning at 3:45, when a 20-year-old was walking northbound on Dunbar Street from 41st Avenue. She screamed for help and was able to scare the suspect off.

Investigators don’t believe these two incidents are related and are asking anyone with information to call the Vancouver Police Sex Crimes Unit at 604-717-0603 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477. Safety Tips:

– Be aware of your surroundings – the use of earphones make it hard to be fully aware of an attacker approaching.
– Stay alert and walk with a sense of purpose – attackers are more likely to target a person who appears uncertain or afraid.
– Walk with a friend, use well-lit streets, stay to the middle of the sidewalk and avoid alleyways.
– If you think someone is following you, cross the street and turn to walk in the opposite direction to get a good look at them and then go find the nearest place to call police.
– If you think a car is following you, immediately turn around and walk the other way, take note of the driver and license plate number and call police.