Whatcha gonna do on Valentine’s Day?

NEWS SURVEY CHART VALEN DAYMORE than three-in-five residents of the two Western Canadian provinces (61% in BC, 65% in Alberta) deem Valentine’s Day “a waste of time and money.”

A minority (32% in BC, 27% in Alberta) consider it “an important day.”

In the two provinces, 85% of residents regard Valentine’s Day as “a commercial enterprise.” However, while 50% of Albertans will not do anything special on Valentine’s Day, only 39% of British Columbians will behave in the same fashion.

“As far as celebrations go, Valentine’s Day is not specially momentous for Western Canadians,” says Mario Canseco, Vice President, Public Affairs at Insights West. “But British Columbians are more likely to do something, anything, to observe the day than Albertans.”

The favourite activities for those who will be celebrating Valentine’s Day are:

* Giving a greeting card to the spouse or partner (26% in BC, 20% in AB)

* Going out to dinner (23% in BC, 18% in AB)

* Cooking a special meal at home (20% in BC, 17% in AB).