Wheeling in more meals for seniors in Surrey

Cloverdale Community Kitchen serves approximately 58,000 meals annually


THE B.C. government said on Wednesday that it is funding Cloverdale Community Kitchen (CCK) to support more seniors with affordable, hot, nutritious meals delivered to their doors.

Improving food security and reducing poverty for British Columbians – especially in times of global inflation affecting the cost of living – is a top priority for government and the Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction.

CCK began its operations in 2011 and provides meals to a growing number of seniors in the community. Since taking over the clients of the White Rock Meals on Wheels, which closed after 51 years of operation, CCK now serves approximately 58,000 meals annually through its newly expanded dinner program.

CCK is able to do this work with the help of volunteers who donate their time to help others. With its current setup, the kitchen has reached capacity and is able to cook 1,200 meals per week. With the new $44,000 investment from the B.C. government, CCK will be able to expand its operation with the addition of a new commercial dishwasher, along with a new walk-in cooler, which will help it serve more seniors with meals directly to their door, including favourites such as burgers and fries, with a fresh salad and dessert.

Many seniors have expressed their need to have affordable, hot, nutritious meals delivered. CCK also assists people with mobility and health issues that prevent them from preparing their own meals. Some seniors are no longer able to cook for themselves. CCK provides this particular service to enable them to continue living in their own homes and feeling independent.

“This service is very needed as it’s affordable and I am not able to cook meals. I appreciate the amazing meals which are cooked with TLC,” said Joy Stepan, CCK client. “The volunteers deliver with kindness and love, bringing a sense of community especially after COVID.”

While handling out flyers for the mobile meals, one volunteer noticed an older gentleman who seemed frail and depressed. When he was told about the CCK Mobile Meals program, he was brought to tears. He shared that his wife had passed away a couple of years ago. Since then, he had been walking to a fast-food place for his meals. He is now a regular subscriber to the meal-delivery service and is grateful for the nutritious meals that CCK provides.

CCK also provides people with extreme-weather shelter in cold weather. It gives underprivileged and struggling individuals and families holiday hampers that include non-perishable food, sundries and gifts that help make the holiday season a happy time for those who might otherwise be unable to enjoy that time of the year.

CCK also runs a community cycle shop where bicycles are repaired for anyone in the community. CCK accepts donated bikes in any condition, repairs them and gives them to people in need.

These are some of the things the Cloverdale Community Kitchen does to help people in the community and to help spread a little more joy in the lives of the people they touch.


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To learn more about the work the Cloverdale Community Kitchen does, visit: https://www.mycck.ca/


Cloverdale, community non-profits help with food security, shelter

* Meals on Wheels/Mobile Meals – approximately 38,250 meals per year
– helps seniors 70+ (75%), single parents (5%) and people with various types of illnesses (20%).

* Fraser Valley Regional Food Bank – approximately 1,000 households registered
– helps low-income families, seniors, single parents, the underhoused, refugees, immigrants and persons with disabilities.

* Community Meals – approximately 20,000 meals per year
– helps seniors, single parents, low-income families, persons with disabilities, underhoused and refugees/immigrants.

* Cloverdale Christmas Hamper Program – helps approximately 600 families and 1,000 children per year
– helps low-income families, persons with disabilities, underhoused and refugees/immigrants.

* Extreme Weather Shelter
– sleeps 25 persons per night for six months of the year.

– helps the underhoused and those fleeing unsafe home-life situations.

* Volunteers – approximately 1,150