Will the white folks of BC Liberal Party ever learn?

THE NDP noted on Tuesday that BC Liberal Leadership hopeful Renee Merrifield refuses to apologize for calling racialized women in the BC NDP caucus “token.”

“They have a photograph of diversity, they have token diversity. They don’t have it real,” Merrifield said to a gathering of BC Liberal members on Saturday. (Video)

The NDP pointed out that Merrifield has refused to apologize and her fellow leadership candidates, who were in attendance when the comments were made, have also remained silent.

However, one person who hasn’t remained silent is former BC Liberal MLA Jas Johal, who is now a radio host for CKNW, the NDP said.

Jas Johal

Johal tweeted: “What an incredibly absurd comment by Renee Merrifield… diversity is a tactical exercise for BC Liberals, not one that is core to its values. The BC Liberals have used minorities as canon fodder, running them in a few select constituencies, while mostly white MLA​’s ​are parked in safe seats.” (Twitter)

Katrina Chen

Katrina Chen, MLA for Burnaby-Lougheed, said: “Renee Merrifield’s ‘token’ comment directly undermines the important work of IBPOC leaders and communities. It’s disappointing that she has refused to apologize, and that other leadership candidates who witnessed these comments firsthand have not yet spoken up. The BC Liberals still don’t understand or represent the diversity of our province.”