All Star Wrestling: ASW Title Shot Rumble

Saturday, Feb 17 

DOORS @615


Cloverdale Fairgrounds @ Alice McKay Building

6050-176st Surrey

Ladies and gentleman its time once again for some hard hitting, high flying entertainment that will leave you on the edge of your seat.  All Star Wrestling is proud to welcome you to the Alice McKay building which has been home to All Star Wrestling for many years.  In the heart of the Cloverdale Fairgrounds in Surrey British Columbia you will be sure to find great parking at no cost to you and will also be just steps away from the action in side.  So ladies and gentleman we hope to see you Saturday February 17th featuring The Luchasaurus!

ASW Tag Team Titles will on the line!

The Professional Nick Price & Hurricane Adam Ryder(Champions) vs Thunder From Jalandhar & the LuchaSaurus from Lucha Underground!!

While the current ASW Tag Team Champions have went toe to toe with the very best in the Pacific northwest and defeated them all with relative ease this next title defence will push them to the limits.  Current ASW Trans Canada Heavyweight Champion Thunder From Jalandhar will be teaming with International star from Lucha Underground LuchaSaurus.  Although Thunder and LuchaSaurus have never teamed up before, Nick Price and Adam Ryder have demanded to know why this match up was made.  Commisioner Marsh had a explanation and posted a video on line.  These two teams will do battle and you the fans are in for the ride of your lives!!

All Star Wrestling presents the ASW TITLE SHOT RUMBLE!
 The winner will receive a title shot of his or her choosing March 2nd. This will feature the stars of the Pacific Northwest Wrestling.

Two men start and then every ONE MINUTE another contestant enters….

Announced participants in the Rumble
1. THE LUCHASAURUS from Lucha Underground!
3. Cody Chun from Buddy Wayne Academy
4. King Khash
5. Clark Connors
6. Tactical Commander Jason Cage
7. Christopher Ryseck
8. Azeem The Dream
9. The Great Kasaki
10. Alex Prestige
11. The Professional Nick Price
12. Hurricane Adam Ryder
13. Moondog Manson
14. Buzz Grogan
15. Odin Rex

More to be announced!

Match #3 Tied 1 to 1
SPIN the WHEEL(Stipulation of match to be decided by the spin of a roulette wheel
Matt Xstatic vs Shreddz
Both of these warriors have traded victories against each other but neither seems to be happy!

ASW commissioner has decided to make these two have a best of seven series.

ASWCruiserweight Title  2/3 Falls
Nathan Kabe(Champion) vs Green T-Shock
Fresh off his tour in Japan and currently the ASW Cruiserweight Champion Nathan Kabe has noticed people requesting a shot at his title.  Green T-Shock has been seemingly been on the outs from the Tokyo Raidersbut is still fighting the battles they bring.  This time Green T-Shock has earned his shot by fighting tooth and nail and turning heads.

Giirls Gone Wrestling Title

Malia Hosaka(Champion) vs Bad Girl Bambi Hall

Last show seen Bambi turn on her own sister and mother with a vicious attack in the ring. This left both her mom, Raven Lake and her sister, Liiza Hall laid out. She used the Most Popular Wrestler in ASW award, voted by the fans to do the damage. A new female referee, Gearl Hebner has been apponinted by ASW to keep law and order in this match up.

Legends Title (Over 40 Division)
Breaker Iton(Champion) vs Fabulous Fabio

Opening Contest-Battle of the Big Boys

Big Daddy Dynamite Buck Lighting vs Todd Quality

$21 Front Row
$15.75 General Admission
(Prices include the GST)

Tickets are available at

For more information call 604-710-0872

Meet and Greet the wrestlers after the show at Cocktails and Dreams!

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