36 flights carrying stranded Canadians from India so far (update)


Nadir Patel tweeted on Friday: “We will continue to provide updates on flight options as they become available for those that remain in #India looking to return home. Updates will be provided by email to those registered and through social media here @CanadainIndia. “

He also tweeted: “The 38th special flight with stranded #Canadians left #India last night; the awesome team @CanadainIndia helped nearly 12,000 Canadians return home over the past few weeks on these special [flights]. Thanks to @AirCanada @airindiain @qatarairways & all others that helped in [Canada and India].”

The 37th flight left Amritsar for Canada earlier this week.

A total of 36 flights carrying stranded Canadians from India have landed here so far.

Nadir Patel, Canadian High Commissioner in New Delhi, in a tweet thanked “the countless number of officials from central & state governments, airports, police & qatarairways” for making that happen.

Two special flights from Delhi and Amritsar with 700+ Canadians left for Canada on May 19.

However, Canadians in the south of India are also desperate to return to their country and have been pleading to Patel to help them out.

Akshaya tweeted to Patel: “Please help Canadian PRs [permanent residents] and other valid visa holders to fly back to Canada. We have been pleading for months now. South India is completely ignored.”

Vel tweeted: “Pls arrange some flights for South India, there are more than 500 ppl stranded in the south and kindly consider including PRs in your repatriation flights. A lot of folks with jobs at stake are waiting to come back to Canada.”

Rohit Rajeev tweeted: “South indians (Cochin, Bengaluru, Chennai and Hyderabad) are unable to reach any of the northern airports. It includes work permit holders, CoPRs, PR holders spouses and many more.”

Anita Ravindran tweeted: “Please consider South India also as families are waiting to reunit with our loved ones. This situation is creating a enormous mental health stress on my family. Could you please treat this as a SOS and help us????”

But Canadian Consul General Nicole Girard, covering South Indian states, tweeted (see photo below): “Canadian Consulate supported 10th repatriation flight with Canadians coming from #Kerala #Karnataka #TamilNadu #Telangana to board May 20th Air France flight #Bangalore.”


  1. Canadian citizen here stuck in Kerala, India for over 2 months now. More repatriation flights from Kochi, Trivandrum or Bangalore please.

    • Yeah! People stuck in Bengaluru and Chennai have no way to go! Also the charges are exorbitant and a mockery

  2. No flights were available for PR only Canadian citizens. How shameful that they claim now they have brought everyone back without telling the truth.

  3. Please arrange more flights from Punjab
    So my people are waiting
    It is very hot there
    Mostly they are seniors
    There medications are almost finished
    Families are worried

  4. Can yu arrange flights frm torroto to chennai to repatriate indians my family member ias in Canada for last 2.5 months it will be a great relief if flights are arranged as early as possible thanks

  5. Flights are arranged to bangalore. Mumbai delhi……. Etc not to chennai please consider the request and do the needful

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