4 crooks strip driver, flee with his SUV

Four unidentified people allegedly assaulted a SUV driver and took off with his car and other valuables after throwing him out of the vehicle

The incident took place in Kharadi in the early hours of Monday.

Police said that the driver was stripped completely by the crooks before being thrown out.

Santosh Raskar (27), a resident of Shirur, is a driver of a private SUV. He was on his way home and feeling very sleepy. So he decided to park his car and take a nap near a private firm in Vimannagar on Ahmednagar Road.

“As he was resting four unidentified people approached the car and woke him up. One of the suspects told him that they want to hire the car, but Raskar told him it was not for hire,” said Dilip Naukudkar, police inspector of Airport Police station.

Suddenly, another person, on the other side of the vehicle, opened the door of the car and threatened Raskar with a knife to hand over his mobile phone and whatever money he had.
“Raskar gave him Rs 500 and his mobile phone. Three of the crooks stripped him while another started driving the vehicle,” Naukudkar said.

After a while, the four accused threw Raskar out of the car along with his clothes.

The driver then approached his owner and the police were also alerted.

“We have registered a case under section 392 (robbery) of the Indian Penal Code and a manhunt has been initiated to trace the road robbers,” Naukudkar informed.