5X Festival celebrating Diwali with 5X MainStage event on November 14 and 15

NORMALLY the Diwali season would be full of galas, parties and events; however unfortunately this year, as we battle a global pandemic we struggle with finding ways to celebrate Diwali in smaller, more intimate ways. This hasn’t held the local music festival, 5X Festival back, that will be celebrating Diwali with their 5X MainStage event on November 14 and 15. Over the past few months the festival has gone global and tripled their engagement with over 30k digital festival attendees versus their average 10k in person attendees.

Their MainStage event will include headliners: The Sandy LionKay RayAvan JogiaPallavi ShardaAlok MenonBFunk, Navpreet Banga of Brown Girl Lifts, and Sangtar

The digital festival has already featured the likes of Lisa RayJazzy BCartel MadrasSaint Soldier, RaaginderHorsepowar – all providing exclusive content specifically for the 5X Festival audience.

The festival app, powered by global wellness and fan engagement platform Stepathlon, has provided a positive alternative outlet for so many South Asian students and young adults who otherwise have a lack of outlets during these unprecedented times. The app provides a place for creativity to bloom, encourage physical activity and to connect with other like-minded youth from across the globe.

For those still interested in participating and taking part in the 5X Mainstage, the 5X Race to the Stage app is available on iOS and Android devices through the App Store. The journey continues through to November 13 with the finale 5X Mainstage two-day experience taking place on November 14 and 15. For more information, visit: www.5xfest.com.