CFSEU-BC Uniform Gang Enforcement Team seizes drugs and weapons in Kamloops

MEMBERS of the Uniform Gang Enforcement Team (UGET) of the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit of British Columbia (CFSEU-BC) who were recently deployed to Kamloops for three days seized 52 weapons, substantial quantities of suspected heroin, fentanyl, methamphetamine, cocaine, and marihuana as well as over $33,000 in cash.

The team stopped 133 vehicles and checked 260 people, the majority of whom were allegedly connected to the street-level drug trade.

The UGET conducted active and high visibility enforcement in the community, including on those individuals or groups that may be posing the greatest risk to public safety due to their involvement in gang or organized crime activity.

While UGET is based in and spends time in Lower Mainland jurisdictions, UGET members also regularly deploy to communities around the province, either proactively or reactively, to provide short term support to local police agencies.  CFSEU-BC uses both its own crime and intelligence analysts, as well as analytical resources in the jurisdictions that UGET travels to, in order to ensure CFSEU-BC resources are as effective and impactful as they can be.”

 The Kamloops Detachment provided current intelligence and supporting resources with considerable local knowledge and insight which greatly enhanced the success of the UGET deployment. As a result of the strong partnership, UGET was able to contribute to overall law enforcement and enhanced public safety in Kamloops and achieve gang suppression objectives. 

“We are truly appreciative of the support from our partners at the CFSEU Uniformed Gang Enforcement Team in continuing our efforts to tackle the drug and organized crime pressures in our community.” said Superintendent Syd Lecky, Officer in Charge of the Kamloops Detachment. “We know that in the drug and organized crime community there is a significant amount of violence which involves weapons and firearms and affects lives. Getting these off the street will make our community a safer place. To those still involved in the drug trade in Kamloops, we will continue to prioritize our efforts to target you and anyone committing violence towards our residents.”

“Success is measured for the Uniform Gang Enforcement Team of CFSEU-BC not only by the enforcement results but by how well they can build partnerships to increase the overall effectiveness and capacity of gang and violence suppression in British Columbia,” pointed out Sgt. Brenda Winpenny. “Working with law enforcement partners, providing training and building upon local efforts is a primary goal for UGET and all of CFSEU-BC.”