A Most Wanted Man (PG) ***

A Most Wanted Man


International terrorism gets a serious treatment for a change in A Most Wanted Man. Timely in the extreme this EOne Entertainment release is now holding court at select Cineplex Odeon cites around B.C and the International Village Cinemas.

We live in a dangerous age. Written by master French novelist John Le Carre our story unfolds in Germany. Hamburg’s number one spymaster Gunther Bachman is out to nab a Muslim extremist. Spot on is the portrayal by Philip Seymour Hoffman as a dishevelled “M” at odds with other authorities and the odd foreign government.

Here it’s the tone that sets the perfect mood for this low-tech thriller that relies on good old-fashioned sleuthing to try to nab a potentially lethal assailant. Forget about any Tom Cruise theatrics or sly James Bond innuendoes with A Most Wanted Man we get to probe some pretty slippery characters as the story delves deep into trying to expose a terrorist network operating deep inside Germany.

Positive in its approach this film does a good job exposing red tape in the intelligence establishment and features a good supporting cast including Willem Dafoe, Robin Wright and Rachel McAdams. At 121 minutes the film seems a bit long but has enough surprises that should make those into serious plausible modern day espionage dig it – at least until the next 007 extravaganza due next fall.

By Robert Waldman