Abbotsford Police baffled at diverse damage to 27 vehicles from November 1-18

Vehicle Mischiefs BETWEEN November 1 and 18, 27 vehicles were damaged at various locations in Abbotsford.  These incidents range from food thrown at the vehicles to broken windows and slashed tires.  There does not appear to be a pattern to the damage with regard to location, time of day or the nature of the mischief, notes Abbotsford Police Constable Ian MacDonald.

However, this is a significant increase from October 2014, when 17 incidents were reported through the first 18 days of that month and 22 total incidents through all 31 days.

MacDonald told The VOICE that the incidents are so diverse that it has police scratching their heads: ‘somebody’s taken a key to a tractor trailer … somebody’s door has been punched … kick marks … slashed tires … thrown pumpkin, etc.’ And it’s all over Abbotsford, not just in one area.

And it’s all over the place: some of these vehicles were in underground parking lots, some of them parked in driveways.

MacDonald pointed out: “The nature of the damage to each of them is so different – it’s one of those weird things where we are seeing a spike and we are still working to try and explain it… because if it were a group, then you would think the type of damage would be very similar. … but there isn’t a pattern; anyway we turn this thing, we can’t find a pattern. The only thing we know is that it’s a significant spike.”

Residents are being reminded to report suspicious activity. Anyone with information about these incidents is asked to call the APD at 604-859-5225 or text us at 222973 (abbypd) or call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.


  1. And none of these incidents been caught on tape ?
    if so then these are smart people – even if vagrants – they know areas which are not covered by CCTV and if there is some footage- (police) can get idea who and what type of souls they are face to face. Purpose is always important – and I think possibilities of some Vagrant group is more !

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