Abbotsford Police: What better boss could you have?

LOGO APDDETECTIVE Roy McBeth began his career in policing with the Abbotsford Police Department in 2004.  During the past 10-plus years, Roy has faced many work-related challenges on the path to his current assignment as a Domestic Violence Unit Detective.  Roy has also challenged himself as an athlete and competitive cyclist.

His greatest challenge though, has had little to do with his career or athletics. It has come in the form of a medical diagnosis which indicates that the degenerative kidney disease, Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD), which was identified in his youth, is now creating a medical emergency.

Based on his diagnosis, and without a kidney transplant, Roy would likely be facing a future involving kidney failure and dialysis.  Polycystic Kidney Disease runs in Roy’s family so the potential donor pool was quickly pared down to friends and co-workers.

With some hesitation and a need for a live donor, in June 2014 Roy made an appeal to those two groups for a live donor transplant.  He was overwhelmed by the emotional support and even more surprised by the number of APD staff offering to be tested to determine if they were suitable candidates for kidney donation.

Tomorrow (Wednesday, January 14), Roy will receive a donated kidney from his supervisor, Inspector Kevin Wright.  Both men will be supported by their friends, family and all the staff of the Abbotsford Police Department.

Roy and Kevin hope their story will educate and encourage people to become involved in the Live Donor Transplant program (the BC Transplant link is a good place to start

The two officers are planning to compete in a half ironman competition in the summer and will be ambassadors for the Living Donor Program from this point forward.


A video interview of Roy and Kevin is available here: