Addiction expert questions science behind drug policies

The federal government’s drug policies are facing mounting criticism from addictions experts, who question why Ottawa won’t allow heroin to be prescribed in Vancouver.

The feds show no sign of backing down; the latest shot from the Harper government came in the throne speech, confirming an intent to “close loopholes that allow for the feeding of addiction under the guise of treatment.”

Local medical professionals have been asking for any sign the Harper government basing its drug policies on science.

Addictions expert Dr. Gabor Maté is among the latest to challenge the feds, publishing an open letter to the federal health minister. He accuses Rona Ambrose of embracing policies that promote illness and suggests she should instead be known as the “minister of disease.”

Earlier this month, Ambrose announced she would stop doctors from prescribing heroin to addicts for whom other treatments have not worked.