After three years of Horgan promises, still no help to ease pain at the pumps: BC Liberals

THE BC Liberals are calling out Premier’s John Horgan’s broken promise of addressing gas prices for British Columbians after a weekend of sky-high gas prices.

“John Horgan promised British Columbians in 2018 that he’d do something about out-of-control gas prices and three years later, after a bungled NDP review into prices, nothing has been done to help stop the pain at the pump,” said Surrey-White Rock MLA Trevor Halford on Monday.

“Families throughout our province are facing tough economic times because of the pandemic and the spiraling cost of living under the NDP, and spikes in fuel costs are only adding to that financial burden. John Horgan launched a gas price website last year claiming cost transparency would bring down prices, and it has accomplished absolutely nothing at taxpayer expense.”

The BC Liberals pointed out that in March of 2018, Horgan said: “We are monitoring gas prices and we will take steps if necessary… We have talked about a range of options and we will look at them should the prices remain high over the next number of weeks.”

The following year in April he said: “We’ll see how it goes through the summer, and if there’s an opportunity to have the Province step in and help, we’ll do that.”

“John Horgan has strung British Columbians along since 2018 with false promises to help curb soaring gas prices year after year,” said Surrey South MLA Stephanie Cadieux. “The Premier either needs to put his money where his mouth is and immediately focus on decreasing provincial taxes which add to the high cost of gasoline to help people make ends meet, or admit his constant promises were nothing but deception and political theatre.”

The BC Liberals said that in Horgan’s sham gas price review in 2019, the NDP actively prevented the BCUC from investigating the impact provincial taxes have on costs or looking into the various ways the provincial government can lower gas prices.

Last week, Vancouver saw gas prices reach close to record highs at 170.9 cents per litre and this weekend, as temperatures soared, an Aldergrove gas station hit a record high of 176.9 cents per litre, the BC Liberals noted.


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