Agreement signed to expedite Little Mountain redevelopment

THE Province (through BC Housing), the City of Vancouver and Holborn Properties have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) aimed at accelerating construction of social housing at the Little Mountain redevelopment in Vancouver.

“Enough is enough with the Little Mountain tragedy that was orchestrated by the previous government that resulted in a low-income community bulldozed, an interest-free loan of hundreds of millions of dollars and a massive empty lot growing weeds in the middle of a housing crisis,” said David Eby, Attorney General and Minister for Housing, on Friday.

“We wouldn’t be here today if Holborn had not agreed to abandon their court action and release the original contract to the public. That good-faith gesture allowed us to enter into an agreement on timelines they also had no legal obligation to agree to. It’s now up to them and Vancouver to actually get this housing open, which will be met with relief by many people across the province. I am hopeful for the first time in a long time about this project.”

The MOU outlines the commitment of BC Housing, the City of Vancouver and Holborn to work together to expedite construction of all housing units in development at the Little Mountain site. The non-market housing will be prioritized so it will be complete and ready for occupancy no later than December 31, 2024.

“Today, we are finally moving forward with an expedited plan to build long-awaited and much-needed affordable housing that will mean more of our neighbours can continue to call Vancouver home,” said Vancouver Mayor Kennedy Stewart. “Partnerships like these have been at the centre of record-breaking investments for housing in our city and represent how seriously our current provincial government treats the housing crisis.”

As part of the MOU, a planning group will be established to track construction progress and address any issues that might impact the construction schedules of the non-market housing. This group will meet regularly and include a senior representative with decision-making authority from each party.

“The Province and the City of Vancouver continue to do great work in supporting housing affordability and addressing homelessness within our communities,” said Joo Kim Tiah, principal, Holborn Properties. “This is exemplified both by the progress made over the past six months in the construction of Little Mountain non-market building ‘AC,’ and this MOU as a sign of commitment from all parties to proceed expeditiously on the remaining four non-market developments on the site. We look forward to maintaining the positive momentum at Little Mountain as it is progressively redeveloped into a thriving, inclusive and sustainable community.”

The Little Mountain redevelopment includes replacing the 224 public housing units that were at the site with 282 new social housing units, including 10 units for the Musqueam Nation. A 53-unit rental housing project for seniors and people with disabilities opened in 2015. A 62-unit rental housing project for families and seniors is under construction and scheduled for completion in winter 2022.

Quick Facts

* The Little Mountain site will include a 69-space child care facility, a neighbourhood house and a public plaza and park.

* BC Housing will own 234 social housing units. The remaining 48 units will be owned by the City of Vancouver.

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