All 931 trees available sold at Surrey’s first tree sale of 2021

THE City of Surrey says that it continues to lead the way in green programs and initiatives. Whether its expanding clean energy use, reducing waste going to landfills, or increasing the City’s urban tree canopy, Surrey City Council has made the protection and betterment of the environment a top priority.

“Everyone in Surrey can be proud of the actions we are taking to protect our environment,” said Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum on Wednesday. “That’s why Surrey City Council is continually finding ways to lead, expand and make it easier for our residents to go green. With more electric cars sold in BC than anywhere else in the country, City Council has approved to double the number of public EV fast charging stations within Surrey. More buildings in City Centre are being heated by renewable natural gas that is created at our Biofuel Facility from the organic kitchen and yard waste collected at curbside.”

McCallum added: “The City’s tree sale, which allows residents to buy a tree to plant at home, is no longer an annual event. Residents now have the opportunity to buy a $20 tree four times a year and I’m proud to say our first event of the year was a resounding success as we sold out of all 931 trees available. The actions we take today, will make a difference tomorrow and beyond. I can assure you that City Council will continue to lead the way as stewards of Surrey’s environment.”

The green initiatives that the City of Surrey has taken has not gone unnoticed. For the second year in a row, Surrey has been designated a Tree City. The Tree Cities of the World program recognizes cities that are committed to ensuring their urban forests and trees are properly maintained, sustained and celebrated. Surrey joins Portland, Barcelona and Auckland as a designated Tree Cities of the World.

Download a video featuring Councillor Allison Patton, Chair of the Agriculture, Environment and Investment Committee highlighting some of the green initiatives in Surrey.