Alleged thief caught in the act at New Westminster industrial site

IN the early morning hours of December 14, the New Westminster Police were called by an alarm company to an industrial site on Spruce Street regarding a break and enter in progress. The suspect could be seen within the premises on CCTV, exploring the site while gathering items.

As NWPD officers approached the site they observed a large rip in the fabric fencing with a large tool bag on the ground nearby.

As an officer looked through the hole in the fence he could see the suspect dragging a large container towards where the officer was standing. The suspect started to push the container through the hole in the fence until he saw the officer. The male ran away across the site where additional New Westminster Police officers took him safely into custody.

“The managers of this construction site did the right thing in setting up monitored surveillance,” said Sgt. Sanjay Kumar. “We encourage all businesses to work with us to proactively prevent thefts. If you haven’t spoken to us already we’d be happy to talk about what security options you can consider for your business.”

The New Westminster Police Department asks residents who see a break and enter in progress to call 9-1-1.