Allison Patton joins former Surrey mayor Doug McCallum’s team

Dr Allison Patton

DOUG McCallum, former Surrey mayor, on Monday welcomed Dr. Allison Patton, ND, to the Safe Surrey Coalition.
“Dr. Allison Patton is a very accomplished individual who will make a genuine difference for the people of Surrey. I’m looking forward to working with her. Dr. Patton will bring a valuable perspective to the discussions at the council table. She is already role model for the youth in Surrey and her influence will continue to grow in her role as councilor,” said McCallum.
Patton said: “As a community naturopathic physician for over 17 years, I see the symptoms my patients suffer with and I understand what the root causes are. I’m running for council so I can address these root causes and help the citizens of Surrey can live better, longer lives. I have a unique perspective that should be part of smart development guidelines.

Doug McCallum

“In 2010, I completed my Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in Leadership from Royal Roads University. Upon graduation I was awarded the Governor General’s Gold Medal for the most outstanding thesis in the University.
“My father was an educator and my mother was a nurse; I grew up in an environment where helping people was the norm. Over the years I’ve taken the time to listen to and understand thousands of patients. I’ve learned a lot and I’d like to bring a powerful voice to Surrey council promoting a healthy community for all.
“This became possible when Doug McCallum offered his experience and expertise to lead the Safe Surrey Coalition in 2018. With the guidance and leadership of Doug, we will take the high road and leave a legacy of healthier communities in Surrey that future generations can be proud of.”