Andrew Weaver lauds Elizabeth May for her long-standing service

ANDREW Weaver, Leader of the B.C. Green Party, on Monday thanked Elizabeth May for her long-standing service to Canadians as Leader of the Green Party of Canada. May resigned as the party leader after 13 years, but will stay on as parliamentary leader of the caucus.

Andrew Weaver

Weaver said: “Her impact on politics in Canada has been substantial. As the first Green MP, she led the way for the multiple Green caucuses elected in Canada today. As a voice of principle and reason on issues such as climate change, she has elevated the national conversation and forced other parties to take bolder positions.

“Moreover, Elizabeth has been widely recognized as one of Parliament’s hardest working MPs. As a colleague and constituent, I am pleased that she will stay on as MP for Saanich-Gulf Islands. In continuing as parliamentary leader, Elizabeth will support her the new Green caucus with a deep knowledge of serving as an elected representative in the House of Commons.

“As members of the Green Party of Canada reflect on what is next, I hope that it will be with an eye to building on Elizabeth’s legacy and the opportunity that the future holds. The federal party leadership contest will partly overlap with our own B.C. Green Party leadership contest, and while they remain distinct parties with separate leadership races and internal processes, I expect it to be an exciting time to explore new ideas and visions for Canada and B.C.”

Deputy Leader Jo-Ann Roberts has been appointed as the Green Party of Canada’s interim leader. The federal Green Party leadership contest will end with its biennial convention in October; the B.C. Green Party leadership contest will end with its annual convention that takes place from June 26-28.