Andrew Wilkinson calls for three televised debates

B.C. Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson on Tuesday called for three in-person, televised debates between Premier John Horgan, B.C. Green Party Leader Sonia Furstenau, and himself, given that access and exposure of candidates will be far more limited due to the pandemic than during a ‘normal’ election period.

“This will be an election like none we have ever experienced, and that’s why I’m calling on John Horgan to agree to three televised leaders debates so voters can see the contrast between our visions,” said Wilkinson. “Voters deserve to see the difference between the NDP vision, which is about dividing us and playing partisan politics during a global pandemic, compared to the BC Liberal vision, which is about coming together and helping British Columbians get through this stronger than before.”

British Columbia is leading Canada with the highest levels of COVID-19 cases per capita and the NDP’s decision to call an unnecessary snap election has voters questioning Horgan’s values, the B.C. Liberals said.

“Yesterday, John Horgan called an unnecessary snap election for no good reason with B.C leading the country with the highest COVID-19 cases per capita,” noted Wilkinson. “Horgan had the confidence of the Legislature and promised to govern until the fixed-date election set for October 2021. Horgan has broken his promise and has proven his priorities aren’t your priorities.”

Wilkinson also pointed out the BC Liberals are promising strong, disciplined leadership at a time that the province continues to face the challenges of COVID-19.

“In the coming days, we look forward to presenting a bold plan to get more people back to work, a plan to make it easier for moms and dads to work while raising a family, a plan to roll back the terrible toll of drug addiction and restore safety in our communities, a plan to increase the supply of housing, and a plan to get B.C. back on track and get us excited once again about our futures and the futures of our kids,” he said.