Armed woman arrested for attempt to rob cell phone at Swartz Bay ferry terminal

SIDNEY / North Saanich RCMP located and arrested a woman after she tried to rob a cell phone and threatened to stab BC Ferries staff members with a knife.

On Saturday, October 9, police officers responded to the Swartz Bay ferry terminal after it was alleged that a woman had tried to rob another passenger of their cell phone. An altercation took place after the victim refused to give the woman their phone which resulted in BC Ferries staff intervening. The woman then threatened to stab members of the BC Ferries staff and fled on foot from the terminal.

While police officers were responding, they received another call that the woman was attempting to break into a nearby residence in the Lands End area. Police officers located the woman at which point police officers made contact and de-escalated the situation. The woman gave up the knife and was arrested without incident.

“This was a dynamic and dangerous situation for everyone involved. Whenever a suspect brandishes a weapon, police officers are forced to make split second decisions. The officers in this situation used good judgement and relied upon sound de-escalation techniques to address a very agitated individual. I am glad to report that this situation was resolved without anyone being harmed,” said Cpl. Andres Sanchez, Media Relations Officer.

The woman, who is a resident of Victoria, was held in police custody and the RCMP are recommending several charges including robbery, mischief, assault with a weapon, and break-and-enter.