US will open border to Canadians in November, says Congressman

NEW York Congressman Brian Higgins (Democrat), representing portions of Erie and Niagara counties, tweeted on Tuesday: “At long last, there is action by the U.S. to open the doors & welcome back our Canadian neighbors beginning in November. This is good news for businesses & families that have suffered under the continued border shutdown.”

Higgins added: “Further details coming tomorrow.”

Brian Higgins

Higgins said in a statement: “A robust cross-border exchange between the United States and Canada is fundamental to our binational relationship and mutually beneficial to our nations’ citizens, businesses and economies. Strong vaccination rates in Canada made the continued border shutdown absurd and unjustifiable.”

He added: “For months now we’ve heard from businesses that are suffering and families distraught over the separation imposed by the continued border shutdown.”

He said: “Border communities await further details from the administration with great expectation and I will continue to advocate for a more fully and freely open border to both governments, sooner rather than later.”

One news report said U.S. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said that Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas had confirmed that the U.S. plans to allow vaccinated Canadians to cross the border next month.