B.C. Liberals: No turkey this year, but Horgan’s fine with a risky election

THE B.C. Liberals said on Thursday that NDP Leader John Horgan came up with another explanation as to why he called an unnecessary and risky election in the middle of a pandemic.

People aren’t buying all the excuses — and they’re asking, what kind of guy breaks his word like that? In fact, Horgan’s constantly changing answers have made trust a major issue for voters.

And now, after telling British Columbians he was still making up his mind, it turns out the NDP was on a major advertising binge because they knew when the election was coming.

The B.C. Liberals pointed out that now Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says that because of the pandemic people won’t be able to share Thanksgiving together, maybe not even Christmas.

He says we all need to work together to beat the second wave — which was what we were doing according to Adrian Dix and Lt. Governor General Janet Austin.

The B.C. Liberals said: “But instead of focusing on restoring confidence and rebuilding the economy, Horgan is double-crossing people — because he wants total control.

“British Columbians deserve better, they deserve a Premier who they can trust.”