Barinder Rasode and NDP MLAs Sue Hammell and Jane Shin endorse Narima Dela Cruz for Surrey City Council


SURREY City Councillor and mayoral candidate Barinder Rasode has endorsed Narima Dela Cruz in her bid for Surrey City Council.

“As we strive to enhance the quality of life of our families and the residents and businesses in this community, it’s going to take some tough action and it’s going to take some strong voices,” said Rasode. “I believe Narima is that voice and one of the voices that should be at Surrey City Hall after November 15.”

The announcement happened at a campaign fundraiser gala Saturday night in Surrey.

“I am honoured to have the support of Barinder Rasode,” said Narima. “Councillor Rasode knows what it takes to stand up for the people of Surrey.”

Jane Shin, MLA for Burnaby-Lougheed, also endorsed Narima for Surrey City Council, saying she’s inspired by Narima, “who isn’t too shy about knocking on doors, who isn’t too busy to listen. She’s all about rolling up the sleeves and doing the hard work not everyone wants to do.”

MLA for Surrey-Green Timbers, Sue Hammell, also threw her support behind Narima, saying, “Politics is more than getting elected and making decisions. It’s about advocacy and listening to your constituents and so Narima will make an excellent Councillor.”

Narima is a recipient of the 2012 RBC Top 25 Immigrants Award, and is also a 2012 winner of the Realtor’s Care Award from the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver. She founded the Surrey Philippines Independence Day Society (SPIDS) six years ago, and has since been a leader in the Filipino community.

Narima announced her candidacy at the 6th annual Surrey Philippines Independence Day celebration on June 8.

Narima lost her bid to be an NDP candidate in Surrey in the last provincial election.