BC Hydro slammed for six figure salaries

As BC Hydro looks to boost your electricity rates, a report finds more than 2,600 of its employees are earning more than $100,000 a year.

That isn’t sitting well with critics who have long called for belt-tightening at the electricity provider.

The so-called “Six Figure Club” makes up roughly 45 per cent of Hydro’s workforce.

“Of all the Crown corporations that have come under the microscope in the past few years, BC Hydro’s gold standard corporate culture has been the worst,” says Jordan Bateman, BC Director of theCanadian Taxpayers Federation.

“It’s just so far out of touch with anything we see in the private sector.”

Bateman adds, much like with BC Ferries, you can blame these soaring salaries on a lack of political accountability.

“The top guy at BC Ferries gets more than the top three guys at Washington State Ferries put together,” he points out.”

“The reason why is Washington State Ferries’ top guy reports to the governor, BC Ferries top guy reports to a board that has no political accountability or stake in the game.”

Bateman feels compensation at the executive level is especially out of control.

“When you realize that you’ve got senior employees making $90,000 a year just in bonuses, that’s more than the average household income in BC,” he points out.

“Just for once, I’d love to see one of these Crown corporation executive teams lead by example, cut their pay before they come begging for more money from us.”

An internal report we told you about earlier this month suggests Hydro is seeking a 26 per cent rate hike over the next three years.