BC Liberals: Billions in NDP promises abandoned as Legislature adjourns

AS the Legislative Assembly adjourns for the year, BC Liberal Opposition Leader Andrew Wilkinson is calling on Premier John Horgan to come clean with British Columbians on which NDP promises will be abandoned now that Horgan has spent nearly every last penny of taxpayer money his government inherited in just two short years.

“John Horgan and the NDP have ripped through billions of dollars of your money while housing is still unaffordable, ICBC rates are going up, gas prices are the highest in North America, and renters haven’t seen a cent they were promised,” said Wilkinson. “British Columbians are already getting hammered by the NDP’s 19 new or increased taxes and with the cupboards now bare, you have to wonder if this government plans to increase even more taxes to try and pay for all their failed promises.”

Wilkinson also remarked on how Horgan seems more focused on delivering his next punchline than on how to address his failed promises such as:

  • Surrey portables still increasing
  • Still no ride-hailing
  • No universal $10-a-day childcare
  • No George Massey Tunnel replacement
  • No $400 renters rebate
  • Only 2,055 child care spaces created vs. the promised 24,000
  • Only 2,400 new affordable housing units vs. the promised 114,000
  • Over $800 million in capital investments needed for critical transportation, education, and housing projects delayed in 2019

“Instead of taking action on a number of files, the NDP has chosen to spend tax dollars on reports, studies that stall progress, countless failed lawsuits, and sweetheart deals for their friends and insiders,” added Wilkinson. “Whether you’re a frustrated parent with no childcare in Surrey, an exhausted commuter stuck in the gridlocked Massey tunnel who’s paying the NDP’s new sky-high ICBC rates, or a discouraged young professional still waiting for Uber to arrive, you deserve answers and action from John Horgan and the NDP.”

British Columbians were sold on what we now know were empty promises. Horgan has a lot to answer for and hard-working families deserve better than this.

“If John Horgan thinks he can leave the Legislature for the next two months and avoid talking about the important issues that matter to hard-working British Columbians, then he’ll have to think again,” said Wilkinson.