BC Liberals: Failed Horgan policies force City of Vancouver into a bind on tent cities decision

THE BC Liberals said on Wednesday that during the televised debate on Tuesday, BC NDP Leader John Horgan, after being pressed on whether he supports his NDP cabinet minister’s suggestion of permanent tent cities, confirmed that “all options are on the table,” raising the concern of residents throughout the province that more tent cities are coming to their communities.

They said that Horgan’s inaction to address homelessness has forced the City of Vancouver to spend $30 million to tackle the issue.

“John Horgan and the NDP’s failed strategy forces cities like Vancouver down a path that will perpetuate the problems facing society’s most vulnerable. The province needs to show leadership and play an important role in providing the supports these people so desperately need,” said BC Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson. “Unlike John Horgan and the NDP, the BC Liberals have a comprehensive plan to address the growing problems of crime, addictions, and homelessness in British Columbia’s communities.”

In stark contrast to the NDP, a BC Liberal government will put an end to tent cities by investing in full wraparound clinical supports and addiction and recovery treatments for those struggling with mental health and addictions and help get others who need help the supports they need, said the BC Liberals.

“Tent cities have been widely criticized by poverty advocates, community groups, and other municipalities impacted by the growing crime and unrest. I know families and residents in my area strongly disagree with the NDP’s approach,” said BC Liberal George Affleck, who is running in Vancouver-Fairview. “Clearly the city has been forced to give up on the hope of any real action by the NDP government and is taking on the province’s job to their own detriment. Vancouver residents deserve a provincial government that takes action to help everyone.”

In order to protect the homeless population, as well as neighbourhoods facing increased crime due to Horgan’s failed policies, the BC Liberals have also committed to investing $58 million to help improve public safety with the hiring of 100 more psychiatric social workers/nurses, 200 new police officers, and 40 more Crown prosecutors.