BC Liberals slam NDP on George Massey Crossing

DELTA South MLA Ian Paton on Wednesday, reacting to the decision by the George Massey Crossing Task Force to have an eight-lane tunnel, said that the announcement does nothing to improve current commutes for motorists and continues to delay any real action on this project for months.

Ian Paton

He said: “Had the NDP gone ahead with the previous plan for a 10-lane bridge, the project would be 50 per cent complete and we would be moving towards providing relief for families and commuters stuck in B.C.’s biggest parking lot.”

Paton said: ” [Premier] John Horgan and the NDP have stalled the project for months commissioning redundant studies and reports, wasting taxpayer dollars, and doing nothing to improve the situation for the thousands of commuters who are stuck in its traffic daily.

“Today’s endorsement of an 8-lane tunnel will have a much greater impact on the Fraser River than a bridge and will require a lengthy environmental assessment. We share these concerns, which were voiced in today’s meeting by Tsawwassen First Nations Chief Ken Baird, who was the only director to vote against today’s motion.”

Paton added: ““Ten more years is simply too long for motorists to have to wait for a solution to the worst bottleneck in the province. Families south of the Fraser deserve better from the NDP.

“The studies have already been done—it is time to start building a replacement now.”