BC NDP raises more than $738,000 in first quarter of 2022

THE BC NDP has raised more money than all the other parties combined from January 1 to March 31.

According to Elections BC, the party’s total political contributions were $738,339.82 as compared to the BC Liberal Party’s $325,688.86, the BC Green Party’s $164,362.28 and the BC Conservative Party’s $6,928. The Rural BC Party did not receive any political contribution.

Interim financial reports are required for parties that receive annual allowances (per vote subsidies). The five parties mentioned above are eligible to receive allowances in 2022.


Political contribution data

Filer Total political contributions from January 1 to March 31, 2022 Link to political contribution data
BC Green Party $164,362.28 https://bit.ly/3KPkciC
BC Liberal Party $325,688.86 https://bit.ly/3vWiA2t
BC NDP $738,339.82 https://bit.ly/3yfzOJu
Conservative $6,928.00 https://bit.ly/3vLJud2
Rural BC Party $0.00 N/A