Beacon of Hope for Afghan Children Society deserves your support

THE Beacon of Hope for Afghan Children Society is a non-profit, non-political, Canadian charity created and operated by volunteers in British Columbia. The society has been in operation since 2006 and in 2007, they were formally registered with the BC Ministry of Finance. In 2009, they were granted charitable status by the Charities Directorate of Canada Revenue Agency.

The Beacon of Hope for Afghan Children Society’s mission is to provide Afghan children greater access to health care and basic education. You can visit their website at

At this time, they are raising funds to upgrade the operating and recovery rooms at the Indira Gandhi Children’s Hospital in Kabul, Afghanistan. In addition, they are planning to build five classrooms in their existing school, Behzadi, to accommodate the growing female students, who usually study inside tents due to lack of classrooms.

The cost of the above two projects is approximately $35,000. The upgrading of the operating and recovery rooms will significantly enhance the ability of the hospital to provide the appropriate treatment for Afghan children faced with serious medical issues as it will result in better and more comprehensive treatment. This will result in saving the lives of many children who would not otherwise have access to this basic level of medical care.

The additional classrooms will translate into safer and appropriate learning environment for female students, who, otherwise, as stated above study inside tents despite severe weather conditions. They believe that having a safe and secure environment is conducive of greater learning and better access to education for girls.

Please contact Deena Safi, co-founder and member of the society at 604-340-9007 if you are able to provide any amount of financial support. You can send the society a cheque, pay via Pay-Pal through their website or make a direct deposit to the society’s bank account:

RBC: 01050-1012202
RB: 84764 7617 RR0001
Your donation will be honoured with a tax deductible receipt.