Is bumbling Linda Hepner fit to be Surrey Mayor?



SURREY Leader newspaper’s  Kevin Diakiw:

diakiw ‏@diakiw  · 9h

[Audio] @LindaHepner told Leader to run story the night before announcement:

Her camp errantly said embargo broken.


Linda Hepner:

Linda Hepner (@LindaHepner) tweeted at 3:26 PM on Fri, Jul 04, 2014:

@diakiw  Kevin, let me say unequivocally you did not break your word. Any mistakes made on Jun 25 were mine and mine alone. No one else.


HEPNER’S camp in their desperation and panic – as the campaign of their white slate is going nowhere but DOWN! – tried to find fault with Diakiw.

But after he released the audiotape exposing the fact that she had consented to the Leader to run her interview the night before she was to make her official announcement about running for mayor, she had no choice but to fess up!

In other words, Hepner and her gang will admit things ONLY if they find they have been taped!

How can Surrey residents trust such a culture?

Do they need such a bumbling character to lead them for the next four years?